Labor in the Pulpit

/on the Bimah/ in the Minbar/in the Meeting Space

Does your faith community want to…

Celebrate low-wage workers in your community?

Learn about the issues that impact workers most?

Encourage conversation around practical solutions for workplace problems?

Mass IWJ will work with your faith community to put on a program that is powerful, relevant, and fitting for your worship place context.

Every event involves inviting a worker to speak at your worship space in some capacity. Possible events include: • Inviting a worker to speak during service • Incorporating a worker justice theme into a worship service • Introducing the worker to speak at presentation or forum after service • Offering the sermon, a reading, or words from the worker • Inviting the worker to speak to other church groups: Sunday school classes, social justice group meetings, young adult groups, etc. • Tabling before and/or after service… and more!

To learn more about putting on a LiTP in your faith community, contact:

Sarah Kelley, Lead Organizer

Find us on Facebook/Mass.IWJ!


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